The total fee is all-inclusive ranging from $4,150 to $5,150 depending on package chosen
(plus up to -$400 in discounts may be applied).


The consultation appointment is free.  An initial payment of nonrefundable $500 towards the full fee is due at the intake appointment.  After that, a minimum of $200 is due at each prenatal appointment, with the remainder paid in full by 35 weeks gestation.


Discount may be stacked up to a maximum of $400 off birth package:

·        Paying in full at intake -$200

·        Paying in full by 20 weeks of pregnancy -$100

·        Hiring a doula independently (certified and with at least 10 births experience) -$100

·        Hiring one of our recommended doulas independently -$150

·        Taking Birth Boot Camp in-office -$200

·        Taking Birth Boot Camp with another instructor or online -$100

·        Taking Bradley Childbirth Classes or Hypno Birthing, in-person by certified instructor -$100

·        Military or Minister -$100

·        Repeat client of The Journey Birth Services -$200

Al la carte:

In-House Birth Boot Camp Natural Childbirth Education Course: $350 to non-patients; included free for patients of The Journey Birth Services (qualifying you for a $200 discount if present all 7 classes in the course; offered 3X per year so register early to ensure completion before your due month):

  • 7-week Comprehensive Natural Childbirth Education Course.  BBC prepares couples for the BEST births—we truly see the couples who take this course have the smoothest, most peaceful births.  It is also a great opportunity to build a relationship with one of our main birth assistants as the instructor is also a birth assistant, as well as get to know other home birthing couples.
  • This is the BEST Childbirth Education Course we have seen!  Highly recommended, ESPECIALLY if this is your first natural birth or your first home birth.
  • for more information

Early Gender Detection Blood Test: $95 (free with Lux package)

Birth Doula Services: $850 (included free with Lux package)

Placenta Encapsulation: $175 (or $125 for those purchasing Lux package)

Payment Policy and Method:

An initial payment of nonrefundable $500 towards the full fee is due at your intake appointment.  After that, a minimum of $200 is due prior to each prenatal appointment, with the remainder paid in full by 35 weeks gestation. All payment (unless cash or check) is made from the convenience of your home through our online invoicing system prior to your appointments and accepts all major credit cards, bank transfer, and electronic check.  This allows families to pay towards their balance at a pace that works best for them in order to pay off the balance by 35 weeks.  The birth team is not on call for labor if fee is not paid in full.


Refund and Transfer Policy:

In the event that your care is transferred for any reason prior to 36 weeks, you can be refunded for the amount you already paid, minus the $500 deposit and $175 per prenatal appointment scheduled. Refunds are unavailable after 36 weeks, regardless of the location and method of the birth.  Refunds are not available in the event of a precipitous delivery or necessary/elective transport to the hospital during labor or postpartum.  Midwifery services are to make sure you get the best possible birth and this includes recognizing the occasional need for transport, or accommodating the family should they elect an unnecessary transfer.  If you transfer care at any point, whether prenatally or in labor, the midwife will facilitate a timely transfer of all your charts and records, and if in labor will call ahead to ensure the provider is ready to receive you upon arrival and promptly fax your records.  Though labor transfer is very rare (less than 10% for first time moms/VBACs and less than 1% for those who have had a vaginal birth before), it is highly recommended that you hire a doula (one of ours or your own) as your doula’s only job is to advocate for you and will accompany your delivery even in the rare event of transfer.