We are excited to join you on your journey through birth!  Babies are blessings and the gift of birthing them is something that is sacred, precious, and should be supported and protected so that each new parent can look back on the birth of their child with joy and fulfillment.  That’s what our birth team is here to help do!

Here is what is included in our two all-inclusive packages

Basic All-inclusive Home Birth Package: 

  • Office prenatal appointments (to be scheduled every 4-5 weeks through 28 weeks, every 2-3 weeks from 29-36 weeks, and weekly from 37 weeks until you give birth)
  • Your birth and any medications or equipment required for the safest birth experience possible, several hours monitoring postpartum, full newborn assessment
  • 3 office postpartum checkups at 3-6 days, 1-2 weeks, and 6-8 weeks
  • Anatomy Scan Ultrasound at 18-22 weeks
  • All standard labs throughout pregnancy (obstetric panel, glucose screen, a second CBC, GBS)
  • Use of birth pool
  • FREE BIRTH BOOT CAMP COURSE (Offered in-office 3x per year; qualifying you for a $200 discount if present for all 7 classes)
  • Birth Assistant certified in neonatal resuscitation
  • Newborn exam
  • Birth certificate completed and filed
  • Optional recommended Vitamin K injection for newborn
  • Optional Erythromycin newborn eye ointment
  • Newborn screening lab tests
  • On call 24/7 for birth from 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy, using the birth number
  • Not included: your birth kit (approx. $60), any additional non-standard labs/ultrasound, RhoGam if rh- blood type

Lux Home Birth Package:

Includes everything in Basic Package PLUS:

  • Personal Childbirth Doula ($900+ value)

o   You get one of two of the best doulas in Houston!  We have partnered with two top rated doulas (Tori Lame with With Grace and Strength Doula Services and Lauren Hasz with Anointed Beginnings Doula Services).  You will have one prenatal with each doula so you get to know them both; each doula prenatal will cover different preparation and coping measure techniques for birth.  The doulas swap out who is on call each week and back each other up so that there is no chance of you getting a “stranger” fill in as when you hire an individual doula.

  • Our highly recommended third trimester Birth Prep supplements ($60+ value)

o   You get several bottles of natural supplement Birth Prep by Dr Christopher and Evening Primrose Oil provided for you take per midwife’s dosage for the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy.  These supplements work together to facilitate a much more efficient delivery!  Birth Prep strengthens and tones your uterus (causing much more “practice contractions” or Braxton Hicks prior) which facilitates more efficient contractions when you go into active labor.  Evening Primrose Oil helps soften the cervix in an incredibly noticeable way when comparing the cervix of a woman who has been taking this versus someone who has not.  Combining more efficient contracting with a very soft, less resistant cervix produces a much more efficient delivery.

  • Optional Early Gender Detection Blood Test Included 
  • $50 off placenta encapsulation if desired


In-House Birth Boot Camp Natural Childbirth Education Course: $350 to non-patients; included free for patients of The Journey Birth Services (qualifying you for a $200 discount if present all 7 classes in the course; offered 3X per year so register early to ensure completion before your due month):

  • 7-week Comprehensive Natural Childbirth Education Course.  BBC prepares couples for the BEST births—we truly see the couples who take this course have the smoothest, most peaceful births.  It is also a great opportunity to build a relationship with one of our main birth assistants as the instructor is also a birth assistant, as well as get to know other home birthing couples.
  • This is the BEST Childbirth Education Course we have seen!  Highly recommended, ESPECIALLY if this is your first natural birth or your first home birth.
  • BirthBootCamp.com for more information

Early Gender Detection Blood Test: $95 (free with Lux package)

Birth Doula Services: $850 (included free with Lux package)

Placenta Encapsulation: $175 (or $125 for those purchasing Lux package)



Equipment and Medications

Though the need for any medical intervention or use of medication is extremely minimal, we come to every birth prepared with the following equipment and medications:


  • fetal doppler
  • blood pressure cuff and stethoscope
  • amniotomy supplies
  • catheterization supplies
  • sterile suturing equipment
  • medications to control excessive bleeding or hemorrhage
  • medical charts and records
  • neonatal stethoscope
  • baby resuscitation equipment
  • oxygen tank and supplies
  • baby scale
  • pulse oximeter (tests newborn for congenital heart defects or disease)
  • sterile birth supplies (hemostat, clamp, scissors)
  • birth pool (if desired)
  • IV fluid and sterile IV supplies (the need for IV therapy at a home birth, however, is rare).
  • In addition, families order our custom birth kit with disposable and supplies to keep everything clean (chux pads, footprint kit, birth pool liner, baby hat, bulb syringe, etc.), and provide a basic list of home supplies (towels, disinfectant wipes, baby blankets, etc.).