A little bit about Amber:


Amber is a certified professional midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives and licensed midwife (LM) in the state of Texas providing home birth midwifery services for the greater Houston area. She has recently gone back to school working on a graduate degree to advance her skills and knowledge as a midwife (Master of Science in Advanced Midwifery Practice).  With an advanced education as a midwife and background as a doula and childbirth educator, she brings a wealth of childbirth knowledge to the table.  She is also certified in neonatal resuscitation and adult and infant CPR.  She has attended over 200 births over the past 7 years of training and career.

Amber has 5 children, all of which were natural home births with different midwives.  Each was a very different yet equally sacred experience—one was even born in a third world country with a missionary midwife.  The tender support given to her during each birth ignited a desire to serve women through their journey of childbirth as a midwife.  She believes in women’s bodies and their ability to give birth the way it was designed.  She also believes in a woman’s right to choose how and where she wants to give birth, be encouraged in that choice and given every opportunity to make it happen as she desires in the healthiest, safest way possible.  She also believes in informed consent and being an informed consumer—every couple has the right to be educated about birth and to make their own decisions based on information and facts.

It is her heart’s desire to journey with couples through their own unique birth experiences, offering encouragement and support to achieve the best, safest, most comfortable and positive experience possible.

Amber is married to Weston, who serves as an associate pastor at a local church.  Before moving back to the USA, the Berrys served as missionaries in Egypt for 5 years.  Amber also has birth experience interning at a missions birth clinic in the Philippines for impoverished women.  It is the Berrys hope to someday return to serving in Africa, with Amber as a missionary midwife.

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Training & Experience

Amber is a trained Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives, licensed in the state of Texas and her experience includes over 200 births. In 2012, she began her midwifery academics and in 2013 began her first internship in the Philippines where she trained at a birth center for impoverished women.  In 2014, she and her family returned to the USA where she began birth assisting with midwives while continuing her midwifery academic training.  Amber also became a birth doula and assisted women in both in and out of hospital births while continuing to birth assist and train with local midwives in home birth and birth center settings.  She also became a certified Birth Boot Camp instructor.  Amber completed her clinical requirements in January, 2017 to open her own private practice.  She maintains certification with the American Heart Association in Basic Life Support and CPR for healthcare professionals (AHA BLS), and in neonatal resuscitation (AHA/AAP NRP) and has attended over 200 births throughout the past 7 years.  She recently went back to school, pursuing a Master of Science degree in Advanced Midwifery Practice from Anglia Ruskin University.  In addition, she has completed the following courses and workshops: Childbirth International doula training, Basic Disaster Birth Support, Global Midwifery: Listen First, Suturing for Midwives, Global Midwifery Skills, Venipuncture and IV skills, Cultural Competency and Respect in the Provision of Maternity Care through Mercy in Action College of Midwifery, and many others.

Doula Amber Berry with new mom in the Phillippines

Postpartum visit in the Philippines.

Practice Guidelines

Although I believe that every woman has the right to choose where and with whom she has her baby, my practice is limited to normal pregnancies and births. I am trained to recognize and treat any potential problems before they become a major issue, and will do so with careful monitoring throughout each pregnancy and birth. Recommendations I make will always be with you and your baby’s best interest and health in mind. When a pregnancy or birth moves outside of normal or my scope of practice, I will not hesitate to consult with other midwives and/or physicians and refer a transfer if necessary. For you and your baby’s optimal care, it is my policy to attend each birth with one birth assistant or a second trained midwife, at no additional cost to you.


See Practice Guidelines document for a complete list of home birth parameters and legal protocols that I adhere to.